Fullbore Shooting at a glance

Fullbore rifle shooting is a precision long-distance target shooting sport, in which competitors shoot at targets from distances 300 yards or more, with the object to place shots as close to the centre or “Bull” as possible, and where the ability to "read" wind and other conditions determines success.

Fullbore shooting competitions have two main classes:

  • Target Rifle (TR)
  • F-class

Target Rifle is the traditional prone (lying down) shooting position with no rest, using micrometer iron sights and usually a sling attached to a shooting jacket to assist with holding and aiming.

Target Rifle competitors are graded from Tyro, C, B and A grade. Tyro is the beginner level, usually for the first year of shooting, where the new shooter is allowed the assistance of a wind coach. In outdoor shooting the wind is of course a major factor on the flight of the projectile, which means a large part of the skill of the sport is to adjust the sights to allow for this.

F-Class is a class of fullbore competition that was started in Canada, by the late George “Farky” Farquharson, after whom the class is named. It involves using highly accurate single-shot centerfire rifles, high-powered scopes and a means of steadying the rifle such as a bipod or pedestal rest.

The sport was developed to address the fact that many shooters such as George were finding that in the face of advancing age and diminishing senses, it was difficult to shoot target rifles using open iron sights, and shooting off the elbows, and thus the sport of F-Class was born.

From those humble beginnings, the sport has exploded in popularity all over the world. Far from being a sport of the elderly and infirm, F-Class involves superlatively accurate equipment combined with exceptional shooting skill, and appeals to shooters of all ages.

A third class has been introduced which many NRA affilliated clubs encourage: 

Sporter Hunter Class  is to get back to the concept of using a cheaper rifle that is commonly available, used by thousands of existing shooters, and with the intention of them joining and shooting in NRANZ clubs.


TR and F-TR rifles are limited to .223 Remington or .308 Winchester calibre chambers. F-Class Open rifle shooting permits more choice of calibres.

Range Distances

Fullbore shooting is done at varying distances.  At Seddon range, we shoot from 330 yards up to 1000 yards, but at some ranges in New Zealand and elsewhere, competition can be up to 1200 yards!

Learning Fullbore Target Shooting

If you want to learn Fullbore Target Shooting use the Contact tab to email the Club President.