Seddon Range Standing Orders

Trentham Military Camp Seddon Range, Range Standing Orders (RSO) dated May 22 must be complied with by the NRA, the WRA and its affiliated clubs for all live firing activities conducted on Seddon Range.

Seddon Range - Range Standing Orders

Sport-governing bodies for fullbore shooting

All shooting disciplines in New Zealand are governed by the New Zealand Shooting Federation (NZSF), which is composed of:

The sub-discipline of fullbore of shooting in New Zealand is governed by the NRANZ, which is also a member of the International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations (ICFRA).

Constitutional governance

Members of the Trentham Rifle Club are governed by the TRC Consititution (2015) and the TRC Code of Conduct, Procedures and Shooting Rules

In addition, members are affiliated with and governed by the constitutions of the
Wellington Rifle Association (1996), the National Rifle Association of New Zealand (2010), and the New Zealand Shooting Federation (2009).


In addition to the applicable constitutions, club and member activities are governed by important policies released from time to time: