Trentham Rifle Club (Inc); Code of Conduct, Procedures and Shooting Rules

The expected behaviour of TRC members, general operational procedures and the shooting rules applicable to the Club's champoinship are defined in the Trentham Rifle Club (Inc); Code of Conduct, Procedures and Shooting Rules

Technical Rules - TR

Technical Rules - F-class

The July 2011 NRA Council meeting adopted in full the ICFRA Rules and Regulations for F-Class Rifle Shooting.  (2018 Edition :Approved by ICFRA Council 01 Mar 2018.)

  • Amendment 1 Rescinded June 2014 - In F Class Rifle Shooting within New Zealand the central bullseye will score as follows:

     F Open;   V-Bull to score 6.0     F TR;   V- Bull to score 6.0     F Open;   Super V Bull to score 6.1 

     F TR;  Super V Bull to score 6.1 

  • Amendment 2 (Adopted July 2011)

      The use of a sound moderator is permitted.

FTR Classic - A new class of FTR rifle configuration, the FTR Classic, was introduced in August 2020:  FTR Class Shooting Rules

Free Precision Rifle (F-PR) - A further new class of FR rifle configuration, the F- PR was introduced in August 2020: Shooting Rules F-PR

Sporter Hunter Class - Yet a further class of competition designed to ensure the intent of using a practical, walk-around hunting rifle is maintained. By not having to purchase specialized equipment to compete in this class, this class may appeal to a wider group of firearms users: Sporting Hunter Class Rules


Manuals, Guides and Miscellaneous Information

Beginners Guide Stage One Link

Beginners Guide Stage Two - Moving Into a Slng Link

Guide to Target Shooting Link

Comparison of Equipment Specifications across all Classes LinkThese are a club member’s best effort to compare the class rules, for confirmation please refer to the respective class rules above.

​​​​​​​Firearms Safety Code 2022  NZ Police Fundamental Guide for the Safe Use of Firearms

Firearms Secure Storage Guidance,  the full NZ Police manual for the secure storage and transportation guide for fireams and ammunition is available here  A Summary of Safe Storage and Transportation is available here

Guide to rasing wind flags LinkThe video should also advise wrapping the halyard (rope) around the flag pole several times before securing it to the cleat after taking the flag down.  This saves significant wear and tear of the halyards.

Guide to rifle maintenance A basic guide to maintaining your rifle. Link

Labradar - Quick Set-up Guide.  Link

Labradar User Manual.   Link

Labradar You Tube Video - Quick Start  Link

Rolling up ShotMarker Cables Link  

Ross Mason's Wind Gauge Link

SAAMI Chamber and Cartridge Specifications for 308W. Link

Shooting Rules of the TRC, includes list of the clubs trophies and eligibilty, operating manual for the Silver Mountain Targets and other information  TRC Code of Conduct, Procedures and Shooting Rules

ShotMarker Electronic Target Reference Manual Apr 2020 version

WRA Range Protocols  General range operations and set up for WRA club days  Link