The club stronly encourages members to reload their own ammunition once they have joined the Club, and subject to their having a Firearms Licence.  The Club sells ammunition components, and full advice and assistance is provided to members who wish to start reloading. Until a member has commenced loading their own ammunition Club  ammunition is available.

NOTE: Club reloaded ammunition is not sold in bulk and must be used on the day acquired.  In most circumstances Club reloads are not to be taken from the range and the authority to do so is at the discretion of the Club Captain.

Club reloads are assembled to the following specifications

  • Primer: Fiochi Large Rifle
  • Case: GGG
  • Powder: ADI 2208, 45.7gn or Vihtavori N150 46.0 gn.
  • Projectile: HBC Dyer 155gr or Lapua Scenar 155gr

Specifications are subject to availablity of components and may change.